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Here are items that don't fit into the other categories.

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  • Albums and Accessories

    To keep your layouts in a secure and easy way, is an album that I recommend! 

  • Masks and stencils

    Here can you see our selection of masks. A mask or stencil, as they are also called, are used in conjunction with such as modelling paste, gesso, other acrylic medium or regular ink.

  • Gift Card

    Here you will find Moa Pyssels gift card. The perfect gift for scrapbookers and nursing.

  • Project Life

    Here you will find the products we offer via the Web relating to Project Life. :)

  • Scrapbooking-tidningar
  • Odds and ends

    Here you will find some bits and pieces that we didn't get into any other category that t e x shrink wrap.

  • Jewelry Parts

    Here you will find locking devices for jewelry, leather imitations, etc.

  • Punch

    Here, we sell our punches and punchar.  

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