Welcome to Moa Pyssel Scrapbooking shop. The store has been operational since 2012.

Business Idea
After several years of scrappande and cardmaking, we have shaped our business for what we think is important. To provide our customers with quality products and good service. Good prices also makes it, we have no hidden fees anywhere! The price you see is what you pay, can it get any better?

The store is operated as a webshop and in this way we can avoid costs such as in-store rental, payment systems, etc. We sell products that we use and that are of good quality and are sure to provide accurate pictures and descriptions of what is purchased so you as a customer to feel safe. The colors you see on the products may, however, deviate from reality, as all computer monitors are not set in the same way.

Furthermore, shipping charges, something that we think is messy and annoying when you are on the internet. It will be difficult to compare prices, you should either be for a specific amount, or before a certain date. So we've made it easy for us, We strive to have free shipping on the majority of product range of the store! 

What are we then?
We own and operate Moa Pottering called Lotta and Jocke Note beach. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Lotta manages product purchasing, packaging and delivery. Mike is IT responsible and stands for everything that belongs to the information, such as Web design and datorrelaterat. Together, we ensure that the customer receives their goods and everything to flow as smoothly as possible. 

Lotta polaroid

My main hobby is scrapbooking for a number of years. Especially fun I think it is with cardmaking. I have previously worked as a teacher and if there is anything I miss with it so it is in touch with all the wonderful children. 

Except that I am a trained math/science teacher with the subject image as an option, so I have also read economics in high school. A good foundation when to start their own business. And finally, I get the benefit of the hours I studied accounting.

I usually visit miscellaneous scrapbooking events so perhaps we ses:-)

Hug Mona


Computers and design is something I always loved working with so you can say that the scrapbooking I do most often is made in any photo editing software on the computer. Is there anything that seems strange or downright inaccurate in the shop so please do not hesitate to contact us

best wishes, Tracy