Here's a glossary to explain some of the concepts that we use on this site:

Altra-when decorating a thing, like a book or a box for example.
Alster-generic term for something created by a creative or artistic process.
Angel policy-Many stämpeltillverkare have angel policy. I.e., you may sell handmade cards with stamped designs, but you may not sell uppstämplade motives or mass-produced products.

Bling-Rhinestones that are transparent. Decorative glass stones.
Brads-Virgin Legs. Also called påsnitar. You can keep things with them, papers, flowers, etc.

Cardstock-thicker paper card base, which is often used as a base for layout or to punch out designs in.
Chalka-To color the edges with stamping.
Chipboard-Cut shapes or alphabet in hard cardboard.
Cybercrop-Scrapbookingträff on the net.

Design team-often abbreviated DT. Person who makes creations to inspire others and help to promote your company.
Die-cut It to get cut from their dies. Also available ready-to-buy, either under the category die-cut or lasercut. Lasercut is the same thing only carved in box.
Dies-The template in the metal used to punch out different motives. In order to use a dies you need to have a punching machine, such as the Big Shot and Cuttlebug.

Embossing dry embossing and are both when embossar with powder.
Dry embossing is when using a embossingfolder in his punching machine or with a punch. The subject is not cut the paper just raised.
With powder do you do so using an ink pad and stamp on a motive. Then pour it on embossingpulver and heat with a embossingfön. The powder melts and becomes elevated.

Glimmer mist-water-based spray with both colour and MICA in.


Layout-An album page
Liquid Pearls-the same as Pearl Maker, liquid pärlmassa that when it gets to half pearls on your subject matter.

Pearl Maker-Pearls on the tube. :) Liquid pärlmassa that when it gets to the beads.
Pebbles-Glass Stones. (Pebbles means stone)

Rub-ons-Gnuggisar. Images and words you rub firmly on your subject matter.

Stans-Motif-hålgörare. With a punch, you cut out patterns in paper, for various motives.
Ink pad-A cushion with stamping, usedto stamps. There are different kinds of color so that water soluble or water resistant, for example.

Vellum-Semi-transparent paper.
Wood veneers-wood decorations