FAQ-frequently asked questions

Q: How do I know if the product is in stock?

A: Only goods in stock can be ordered! So you don't have to wait for a formal confirmation that the product is available. If something should be errors in the management, we immediately notify you of this and we will agree if you want to wait for the goods delivered to us or get your money refunded. There is no shipping cost to the customer.

Q: How long will it take before I receive my item?

A: It depends on the payment method you use. If you use PayPal or Payson, the money will at once and we will send you as soon as we are able to. If you pay via prepayment to our Bank it usually takes one day for the money to enter the Giro, if payment is made later than 10.30. If you pay before 10: 30, the money be the same day at 16 o'clock on our account. We strive to send the goods as soon as we see that the money is on our account. Sometimes there may be delays if something happens in our family that we are beyond over. We are a small family business. Therefore, we have set the delivery time of up to one week.

Q: What should I do if I regret my purchase?

 A: first, contact us! Is the product in unopened packaging, we will agree that you as a customer sends back the goods and it is then you pay the postage back to us. We solve not consignments. We are seeking to pay back to you within one week after receipt of the goods. (Usually we do it as fast as we can)


Q: Hi,

Live in Hull and was wondering if you have a physical store to visit?

A: Yes, we have a small shop in the home.


Q: where can I find your opening hours?

A: right now they are a little secluded, you can find them by clicking on the ' Visit us ' or stores. In a map, click the pink holiday icon so it comes up a box with opening times. We will highlight these to the front as soon as possible.  


Q: Hi, a small question! Have ordered stamps from you but haven't received any personal confirmation! Do you send someone or I'll pay up directly? 

A: you've got the automatic confirmation email? In our bank account and when you get the reserved goods. We have automated inventory, soeverything you put in your shopping basket are available. Your stamps are waiting patiently for you! Sincerely Lotta